The Thunderbolt Trail Race presented by Salisbury Lodges, runs through patches of untouched
forest in the Barrington Tops National Park. The course takes you winding past cascades, eucalyptus, across and through subtropical delights of the scenic Williams River valley, while entering an enchanting patch of ancient rainforest.

For those wanting an extra challenge, the course heads up the Corker Trail and it’s not called the Corker Trail for nothing!! This part of the course is a high altitude, high-octane adventure in the rugged mountain country. This challenging track follows the ridgeline from Lagoon Pinch picnic area to Carey’s Peak on the Barrington Plateau. We promise it won’t just be the scenery that takes your breath away. Winding through a variety of vegetation, from tall open woodlands to lush rainforest and cool temperate stands of Antarctic beech, your vigorous effort will be rewarded with brilliant views near Corker Mountain. After that, the expansive snow gum woodlands, grassy plains, and swamps of the Barrington Tops plateau will roll out before you.

The Thunderbolt Trail Race will start and finish within the grounds of Salisbury Lodges. Parking will be available on race day within the grounds of Salisbury Lodges. For those wishing to make a weekend out of the event, we have camping packages available at Salisbury Lodges. Camping Registration for 2019 can be found HERE.

The Thunderbolt Trail race offers the following distances:

16kms – Thunderbolt Dash
​33kms – Thunderbolt Corker
50kms – Thunderbolt Ultra

The Thunderbolt Trail race is named after the last of the New South Wales bushrangers, Frederick Wordsworth Ward, better known as “Captain Thunderbolt”, who ruled the highways and byways of New England High Country and beyond for much of the 1860s. More history about Captain Thunderbolt can be found on the History Page.